We Welcome Our Zomi Community to Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Bayswater

Our Lady of Lourdes, Bayswater values the diverse and rich community of which we are lucky enough to be a part of. We are looking forward to developing an increasing library of resources for the Zomi community – which we hope will help assist with the education of your children.

Our School

Why Choose Our Lady of Lourdes?

Rich in Diversity

We have a rich and diverse community from many cultural backgrounds. Our aim is to provide an education and a community environment that caters accordingly

High Academic Results

Our school and NAPLAN data proves the quality of our programs and teachers are of the highest standard


Communication is Key

We understand tht not all members of our community speak or write English. That is why we have some systems and processes that help everyone stay well informed and included in everything that we do

The Student Perspective

Hear first hand from our amazing Zomi Speaking students

It amazes us how children from the Zomi community can speak so fluidly in multiple languages. In this video, they talk about some of the highlights of their schooling journey to date.

Communication is Key!

We are lucky to have Zomi speaking interpreters that help deliver messages

We are extremely lucky to have a closely connected Zomi community that is dedicated to supporting each other in their children’s schooling journey. Here is how we do it!

The Parent Perspective

Hear from one of our Zomi speaking parents

One of our Zomi speaking parents – Ciin talks about the amazing community at Our Lady of Lourdes and in her words – she talks about the experiences she has had in a school she describes as “like a big family”

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Major Curriculum Areas

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At Our Lady of Lourdes we believe a sound grasp of Literacy –  Oral Language, Reading and Writing is fundamental for success in education and in everyday life.

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At Our Lady of Lourdes School, we aim to prepare our students to be confident risk takers who are able to apply thinking and reasoning skills to everyday situations in a contemporary world.

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Religious Education

Our Lady of Lourdes is a Catholic community where students and families work together to both support and give witness to, the traditions, values and beliefs of our Catholic faith.

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Student Wellbeing

At Our Lady of Lourdes we believe students who develop social and emotional competence are happier, have more rewarding relationships with their peers, are more resilient in the face of stress and perform better academically.

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Physical Education

At Our Lady of Lourdes School we believe that it is essential to promote an understanding of physical activities and movement, nutrition, health and safety, human development and human relationships.

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The development and learning of musical skills through putting on and performing in live productions to experimenting with new instruments and sounds.

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Digital Technologies

At Our Lady of Lourdes we aim to enable our students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving.

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Providing opportunities to reflect on themes such as mindfulness, a growth mindset and positive relationships.

About US

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to our school website. I hope that the information on these pages will give you an insight into the culture of our school and the exciting learning opportunities that are on offer at Our Lady of Lourdes Bayswater. Our Lady’s School welcomes all students, Catholic and non-Catholic, as well as families from a diverse range of cultures. In fact, over twenty different cultures are represented within our school community.

We are a school where teaching and learning is underpinned by the Gospel values of truth, love, justice, peace and care for the environment. Through all policies, procedures and programs we are committed to the development of the whole child and staff work towards improved outcomes for all students.

Our Lady of Lourdes has a strong focus on student wellbeing and its fundamental importance for the positive learning outcomes of its students. We strive to develop relationships based on respect, inclusiveness and a abundant sense of hospitality. We value communication with our school community and pride ourselves in knowing each child and their family.

In delivering the curriculum, our aim is:

  • to engage and inspire students to develop optimism, strive for personal excellence and to have a commitment to lifelong learning
  • to support everyone in our community in gaining knowledge and skills in order to prepare them to confidently take their place and thrive in a rapidly changing, contemporary world
  • to work with students, at their level, using explicit, focus teaching sessions that ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve academic success.

Our Lady of Lourdes endeavours to provide an atmosphere that gives encouragement, and support, promotes learning and challenges all to develop to their full potential.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School is a certified eSmart School and in 2017, gained full accreditation as a KidsMatter School.

I welcome prospective parents to make an appointment to come and visit our school to see our ‘Learning in Action’ at any time throughout the year.

Ross Williams
Principal – Our Lady of Lourdes Bayswater

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From all of us at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Bayswater, we look forward to showing you our vibrat and progressive school and sharing our story with you

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