The Finger Labyrinth – Mindfulness Activity.

Using your fingers to wind through the labyrinth, you will discover the relaxing effect this fun activity will have on you. Using the labyrinth mindfully enhances meditation and prayer, the labyrinth is similar to the maze and has existed throughout ancient cultures for at least the past four thousand years.

Dr Lauren Artress from her book ” Walking a Sacred Path”:

“You enter a maze to lose yourself and a labyrinth to find yourself.”  

By tracing your finger through the winding curves you find yourself moving towards the coiled center, this is where the path in ends; from there you re-trace the coil outward and away from the center, back to the entrance, unwinding.

Your Finger Labyrinth

  • Find your very own finger labyrinth here.
    Trace your finger along the path to find the centre and then retrace the path to find your way out.
  • Tracing the labyrinth 5 or more times will help to relax your mind and body, becoming aware of your breathing as you wind in and around the curly pattern.
  • You may like to add a prayer to say as you weave in and out of the landscape or come up with positive words and thoughts to say, such as “ I am a wonderful person”, or “ I love my mum and dad” to boost your wellbeing, your mood and change your brain.